The enchantment of this volcanic islands lead UNESCO to name them Natural Heritage of Humanity, and nowadays the Galapagos Islands are a living laboratory for exotic species in danger of extinction.

Preserve their flora and fauna, as well as their fragile ecosystem is one of the principal priorities of Ecuador Volunteer. Coming and enjoying of this natural treasure, surrounded of unique species, while you leave your footprint of work.


Snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands
Algunos Datos
  • Community Development

    A) Poverty and Inequality: 51.8% (2010)
    B) Inequality Guini Index: 32.14% (2016)
    C1) Buy purified water: 61.0%
    C2) Bolied water: 28.6%
    C3) Drink water as it arrives at the home: 6.2%
    C4) Filter water: 2.4%
    C5) Use bleach: 1.9%

    Sources: INEC, ENEMDU, Galapagos Conservancy

  • Education

    A) Illiteracy : 1.3%
    B) Educational institutions: 22
    C) Years of schooling: 11.9


  • Conservation

    A) Planting forests to soak up CO2: 789.3 (2012)
    B) Ecological footprint per capita: 2.22 (HAG) (2012)
    C) Species wounded living detected by the RRR: 33 (2013)
    D) Dead species detected by the RRR: 41 (2013)
    E) Galapagos flora: 560 native plant species (180 endemic)
    F) Terrestrial wildlife in Galapagos: 17 mammal species - 152 birds - 22 reptiles - 2 000 invertebrates aprox.

    Sources: Ministerio de Ambiente, Galapagos Conservancy


Abilities: One of the most important points to participate in our volunteer programs in the Galapagos Islands, is the adaptation to the culture, be willing to support in whatever is necessary, have delivered, be solidarity. More than any kind of experience you need to come with a open mind and the desire to help.

Age: The age range to participate in our volunteer programs in Galapagos, is 14 to 70 years. If you are a minor and you want to join the team of volunteers, don't forget to send the letter of authorization of your parents or encourage them to participate together with you in this wonderful experience.

Language: We recommended you to participate like volunteer in the Galapagos Islands, evaluate your fluency in the language. The ideal for internationals non-spanish speaking volunteers is reach an intermediate level of Spanish. You will have a better communication and relationship with the members of the work team, coordinators and local persons.

If you are interested to learn more about the Spanish programs that we offer Click here!

Insurance: Travel insurance is required of ALL volunteers and must cover: 1) transportation in case of emergency, and 2) repatriation in case of death.

Vaccinations: We recommend these vaccinations for your volunteer program in Brazil: Hepatitis A y B, diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid.

Costs: To participate in our programs, volunteers must do a payment that is the main source of financing and support for projects and volunteer platform has EVF. This contribution serve to cover the lodging cost, feeding, operational, logistical and administrative expenses. In this way we support the sustainability of projects. Don't forget to check the costs and dates of each of the program.


The Ecuador Volunteer Foundation will provide all possible assurances. The volunteer don´t have any kind of problem and your experience in the country be unforgettable. We take care to provide security training at the time of arrival. We recommend follow our advices.

How to Apply

  1. Select the destiny and the program in which you want to participate
  2. Select the dates of participation
  3. Complete your application form
  4. Make the payment to reserve your program

Explore our Volunteer Programs

Teaching English in San Cristobal Island

Today you have the opportunity to demonstrate your leadership in the education field working as a volunteer in the beautiful Galapagos Islands. You can give your support in the teaching of English as a second language to children and young people from local schools.

1 - 12 weeks

Another way for helping

Child Care and Teaching in San Cristobal

Take part in our volunteer program in the Galapagos Islands, giving your support in education and caring for children from 4 to 7 years. Our goal is to create a change in the new generations and help children to obtain solid foundations during their early years of school. Do not miss this opportunity to visit these fantastic islands and make a difference.

1-12 weeks

Another way for helping

Conservation Program in the Galapagos Islands

If you have the dream to visit the Galapagos islands then today you have the option to make it a reality in a different way, developing initiatives and activities that promote environmentally friendly collaboration between volunteers and the local population so that both visitors and Islanders can adopt sustainable practices of conservation through the scenic design of gardens with natural endemic plants of the área.

1-12 weeks

Another way for helping