Ecuador is a country that has four regions Pacific coast, Andes, Amazon rainforest and Galapagos Islands, its natural wealth, ethnic groups, and its impressive landscapes are the main reasons to discover a territory full of incredible adventures.

As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to learn about the Ecuadorian culture and ancestral traditions of each of these regions, while you do your volunteering within an unique experiential travel.


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  • Community Development

    A) Poverty and Inequality: 25.35% (2016)
    B) Unemployment: 5.3% (2016)
    C) Population using improved water sources: 86.9% (2015)

    Sources: INEC, The World Bank, Unicef

  • Education

    A) Inscription in the primary education: 2.1 millones (2014)
    B) Range of primary net enrollment: 97%
    C) Range of secondary net enrollment: 83.4%

    Sources: WHO, The World Bank, Unicef

  • Conservation

    A) Tons Co2 emissions per capita: 2.4 (2011)
    B) Ecological footprint per capita: 1.8 (HAG) (2014)
    C) Number of animals in danger of extinction: 15 (2016)

    Sources: Ecological Footprint Per Capita (HAG) - Global Footprint Network, Animales en Extinsión

  • International volunteer program

    Volunteer Program

    - Daycare with children
    - Children with disabilities
    - English Clases
    - Wildlife Rescue
    - Sustainable Agriculture
    - Community developement

  • Volunteering in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador

    Volunteer Work in Ecuador

    Ecuador is undoubtedly one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet, its ecosystems and different cultures are the perfect setting for volunteering and traveling through incredible places in the Andes, Amazon, Coast and Galapagos Islands, realizing experiential programs that will take you to better understand local realities.


Abilities: One of the most important points to participate in our volunteer programs in Ecuador, is the adaptation to the culture, be willing to support in whatever is necessary, have delivered, be solidarity. More than any kind of experience you need to come with a open mind and the desire to help.

Age: The age range to participate in our volunteer programs in Ecuador, is 14 to 70 years. If you are a minor and you want to join the team of volunteers, don't forget to send the letter of authorization of your parents or encourage them to participate together with you in this wonderful experience.

Language: We recommended you to participate like volunteer in Ecuador, evaluate your fluency in the language. The ideal for internationals non-spanish speaking volunteers is reach an intermediate level of Spanish. You will have a better communication and relationship with the members of the work team, coordinators and local persons.

If you are interested to learn more about the Spanish programs that we offer Click here!

Insurance: Travel insurance is required of ALL volunteers and must cover: 1) transportation in case of emergency, and 2) repatriation in case of death.

Vaccinations: We recommend these vaccinations for your volunteer program in Brazil: Hepatitis A y B, diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid.

Costs: To participate in our programs, volunteers must do a payment that is the main source of financing and support for projects and volunteer platform has EVF. This contribution serve to cover the lodging cost, feeding, operational, logistical and administrative expenses. In this way we support the sustainability of projects. Don't forget to check the costs and dates of each of the program.


The Ecuador Volunteer Foundation will provide all possible assurances. The volunteer don´t have any kind of problem and your experience in the country be unforgettable. We take care to provide security training at the time of arrival. We recommend follow our advices.

How to Apply

  1. Select the destiny and the program in which you want to participate
  2. Select the dates of participation
  3. Complete your application form
  4. Make the payment to reserve your program

Explore our Volunteer Programs

Preserve the Ancient Culture and Traditions in the Amazon
Ecuador 1 - 12 weeks Type: Community

This volunteer program is developed within an indigenous community of the Ecuadorian Amazon, and aims to preserve the cultural wealth as well as the values and traditions of its people. Volunteers will work in various activities such as eco-tourism, preparing to the community in this area, promoting and disseminating their indigenous lifestyle so that people who visit this region understand the importance of maintaining the ancient betrayal of Amazonian indigenous peoples.

Wildlife Rescue Center in the Amazon
Ecuador 1-12 weeks Type: Conservation

If you are passionate about conservation and are interested in preserving the life of the wildlife in the Ecuadorian Amazon, we invite you to join our team of volunteers who volunteers fighting for rescuing endangered animals. The challenge that awaits you is large, the abuse suffered by these animals makes its rehabilitation the main goal of our project.

Caring for Children on the Coast
Ecuador 1 - 12 weeks Type: Education

Working as a volunteer in our child care program on the coast is one of the most beautiful experiences that a person can have. In this program you will be supporting a community Daycare Center located in a fishing villages, a few minutes away from the beach.

Care for Disabled Children and Youth in Quito
Ecuador 1-12 weeks Type: Education

Incidence of disabilities is on the rise, approximately 15% of the world's population suffers from some type of disability and the situation is much more serious in areas stricken with poverty, mainly in urban, marginal, and rural areas where living conditions are poor due to the lack of access to basic and specialized services.

Teaching English in the Ecuadorian Andes
Ecuador 1-12 weeks Type: Education

Join our volunteer program in supporting local schools located in the Ecuadorian Andes, giving a new future to children and become part of the improvement of the academic system while you teach English as a second language and enjoy your time learning a new culture.

Beach Clean-up and Permaculture on the Ecuadorian Coast
Ecuador 1-12 weeks Type: Conservation

Imagine enjoying the sun, sand, and sea in the exotic atmosphere that the tropical beaches can offer, while you support to preserve its habitat and work together with a community of fishermen in the strengthening and promotion of agricultural enterprises as a solution to the human development and self-sustainable for the local people.

Rural Women Empowerment and Agriculture Program in the Andes
Ecuador 1-12 weeks Type: Community

As a volunteer for EVF, you will work on organic farms or greenhouses managed by indigenous families which live in the fertile heart of the Andes, located in the North of the country, undertaking self-sustaining farming practices, raising crops and promoting modern and ancestral techniques such as alternative to alleviate poverty in which they find the inhabitants of these communities.

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