Make your mark in our Ecuador & Galapagos Summer Abroad Program

Discover the richness of a country full of cultures, ethnicities, scenery, biodiversity and adventure by helping the development of the most vulnerable sectors while enjoying your expedition.

Explore Ecuador in a unique way

EVF works to establish strong connections between volunteers and our projects in order to generate a real impact.


Ecuador Volunteer offers a variety of projects in 4 beautiful regions: Amazon Rainforest, Andes, Coast & Galapagos Islands.

Enjoy 4 Worlds in One Country

"You only live once but if you do it right once is enough"
We need you! Join our team of volunteers. #Changemakers

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Volunteering by Area


Volunteering in one of our teaching English programs gives you the opportunity to interact with local people of all...

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EVF’s conservation projects will take you to amazing places where you will encounter an array of natural...

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Ecuador is a multiethnic country with a variety of rich cultures, traditions and ancestral legacies that manifest...

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If you love children then you are looking in the right place! Ecuador Volunteer Foundation supports a number of...

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Volunteering by Destination

Why EVF?

In the past year, we have helped more than 200 volunteers of various nationalities take part in a unique experience that has changed their lives. We are very proud of all the volunteer projects with which we work and, in particular, of the huge efforts made to improve the projects’ day-to-day management in order to ensure self-sufficiency and to make a positive, long-term impact.

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