How We Work?


We are a volunteer organization in constant motion, exploring new destinations, working side by side with locals and identifying their needs to create real solutions.



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Intervention Area

We select locations that have a high participation of social entrepreneurs, especially women, who are working directly on projects and solutions for the benefit of their community. To choose the location where our programs are developed, it is essential to see what will be the impact and repercussion that will leave our volunteers in that place and the nearby communities development opportunities, strong relations between the local people, organizational capacity, accessibility to resources, security and logistics facility.

Selecting Local Entrepreneurs

Our coordinators are community leaders who know in depth the issues of the community and its environment. They become the key pieces to link us with social actors who work day to day in the implementation of strategies and actions for the benefit of the local population.

Identifying Real Needs

Next to the coordinators and social actors, we work directly with members of the community developing workshops to identify the real needs from the local perspective and in this way to find the best tools of action that we are going to use during the execution of the projects.

Establishing Best Practices

We structured mechanisms to establish best practices through planning activities that focus on integration of all sectors of the community, determining the human resources we need, based on the development of skills and competencies.

Determining Solutions

We determine real solutions and feasible solutions according to the needs identified. Volunteers work in activities that are part of a comprehensive framework that is linked with everything, which ability to use and apply the tools to solve problems that arise in real life.

Follow Up

We monitor each of the programs and projects of permanently checking the different phases, if something is not right, fix immediately to ensure our success. Coordinators and social actors working with reports established by EVF, which are then sent to our offices to process information and learn the current status of the project.

Guaranteeing The Sustainability

The projects are designed to ensure that the solutions adopted are sustainable with the lowest environmental impact . We invest time and dedication in the training of coordinators and social entrepreneurs to keep active projects doing that persist in the future.


We measure the actions carried out by the volunteers and by the local staff in each intervention area to establish the achievements of each project so that the people who contribute to our cause can know the changes were made and the impact on the target beneficiaries.