10 Reasons to choose EVF


Before embarking on a volunteer program, there are a number of things a prospective volunteer should consider, e.g., for how long do I wish to volunteer? How much will the volunteer program cost? What do I want to get out of the experience? If you want to help make a difference in people’s lives and if you’re passionate about the idea of becoming a volunteer, here are a few reasons why volunteering for the Ecuador Volunteer Foundation could be the right choice for you:

1. We Generate a Multiplier Effect

We work together with grassroots organizations in each of the communities that we intervene, offering a wide range of opportunities to volunteer in different areas, directly benefiting the local people. Our volunteers give impetus to these projects to ensure our efforts constitute more than just a little help and make a visible impact on improving the quality of life for numerous families, the community, and the local economy.


2. Working for a Reputable Organization Makes a Difference

Our foundation is a non-profit organization officially recognized by the Ecuadorean government (0350 Code). Our organization has the necessary permissions and authorizations to design volunteer programs, creating projects and selecting international and national volunteers, with the aim to contribute to the development of the sectors where we work.


3.We are Transparent

All of the projects that we support in Ecuador revolve around local people and local communities. When you're working as a volunteer with us, you will see that one of the best ways to help is sponsoring projects. When you make your donations, 100% of your contribution goes directly for the project. When you do your donations 100% of your contribution goes directly intended to the project.


4.We Have a Diverse Range of Projects

The projects with which we work take place in different areas of the country. Our organization works with a series of programs that focus on environmental, educational, and community development oriented fields. It is easy to find the project that best suits you.


5.We Open the Door to Other Cultures

Our organization offers a great opportunity to work in places rich in biodiversity and ethnics of different cultures, at the same time you will learn new things about this locations, gaining a deep knowledge of new cultures while changing lives.


6.We Make a Positive Impact

Since it’s founding, Ecuador Volunteer has supported grass roots organizations with few economic means of funding. Over time, we have seen big changes in each organization thanks to the support of volunteers like you, who help us to create a real impact on the local communities. We form part of a community, and we are committed to it.


7.We believe in the self-sustainability of our projects.

Part of our work philosophy we do not conceive projects that work just with the help of our volunteers, but we work together to each one of our coordinators to acquire independence and can achieve a permanence in the time in a sustainable way. If there are no volunteers the work will continue.


8.We guarantee reliable projects.

We really know each one of the projects, we know how important it is for you participate as a volunteer in a reliable place, we know the strengths and weaknesses of each of the places, thanks to our continuous visits, giving us the opportunity to give you a real information about your volunteer participation.


9.We work on real needs.

With the programs of Ecuador Volunteer, you're going to work directly with members or social actors looking for integral solutions to needs that are born from local communities, ensuring that your work is going to create an important change for the benefit of the real interests of the sectors where we intervene.


10. We are concerned about your safety

We work for you and for your safety, for this reason we evaluate projects each year to measure the level of quality, the overall satisfaction of our volunteers and especially check the security measures that the coordinators take in a given situation. We are committed to making programs work in the safest way possible during your participation as a volunteer.


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