About Us


We are a local team of collaborators working hard to transform the lives of marginalized people throughout Ecuador by creating the foundations for a more equal society.







About Ecuador Volunteer Foundation: EVF is a non-governmental organization legally recognized by the Government of Ecuador, created in 2005 with the objective of offering volunteer opportunities to national and international volunteers, in groups or as individuals. EVF seeks to spread the international volunteer spirit in order to construct new perspectives on life by creating a stimulating combination of humanitarianism, social responsibility, and public diplomacy.





  • Promote values and Christian principles
  • Zero discrimination and the highest degree of tolerance
  • Encourage the passion for change
  • Promote respectful relations between local communities and volunteers
  • Cooperation in all areas
  • Continuous support for volunteers
  • Distribute effective tools to strengthen project development
  • Be transparent
  • Create an open and family-friendly atmosphere
  • Generate a lasting impact
  • Create sustainable projects
  • Form community and global leaders




We Believe

  1. In God above all things and that his love is the only way of hope…that volunteerism establishes strong connections despite cultural, linguistic, and ideological differences.
  2. That the mutual exchange of knowledge, work, experiences, and hope inspires people to create communities determined to mediate its problems and to become self-sustainable.
  3. That the training of volunteers, coordinators, and community members is essential in order to obtain visible results that increase project efficiency.
  4. That continuous support is key to ensuring that a volunteer experience is positive and productive for our volunteers, projects, and communities.
  5. That the careful evaluation of our programs and the verification of their authenticity create a positive environment for the successful execution of the ideas of our volunteers and of local communities
  6. That our projects are legitimate, sustainable, and progress-oriented with firm bases in the community and guided by the best collaborative practices.
  7. That the people closest to the problems are the ones with the best solutions. Thus, it is crucial that those people play key roles in every step of the planning and execution processes of our projects.
  8. That promoting the development of healthy and sustainable communities generates vital changes that may then become the necessary push towards improving the conditions of life of community members.
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